Terms of Use

www.tsavalas.com is the electronic shop of the company “TSAVALAS SHOES” established in Molaoi, Monemvasia, Laconia, Greece (VAT: EL051427265).
Before entering our e-shop and navigating through our page please be advised of the following terms and conditions which apply especially for the e-shop of “TSAVALAS SHOES” with domain name www.tsavalas.com.

Make sure that you agree with the following terms and conditions because browsing and navigating through www.tsavalas.com means that you agree explicitly with these terms and conditions.

1. Terms:
“TSAVALAS SHOES” has the right to change unilaterally or update the current terms and conditions of the transactions which occur through its e-shop, according to its needs and trade practices. TSAVALAS SHOES has the obligation to inform users of any modifications as well as any other changes in the website of this e-shop.
It is hereby clarified that changed conditions do not affect orders which have already been placed.

2. Provision of Information and Products:
“TSAVALAS SHOES” is accountable for the completeness and accuracy of the information listed on the site www.tsavalas.com, both as regards to the existence of the essential features described in the case of each product available, and the accuracy of the data about the services provided by the online store of “TSAVALAS SHOES”, subject to any technical or typographical errors that have escaped the attention or occur unintentionally or due to any downtime of the site on grounds of force majeure.

3. Disclaimer:
“TSAVALAS SHOES” provides no guarantee for the availability of products, but guarantees the timely update of final consumers of their unavailability.

The online store of “TSAVALAS SHOES” is not responsible for any technical problems that may occur when users attempt to access the website and during their visit to it and are associated with the operation or compatibility of their infrastructure using the website. Also, “TSAVALAS SHOES” has no liability for acts or omissions of third parties, particularly unauthorized tampering on products and / or services and / or information available through it.

4. Copyright
The site www.tsavalas.com is the official website of “TSAVALAS SHOES.” The entire contents of the website, posted by “TSAVALAS SHOES,” including images, graphics, photographs, texts, services and products are property of “TSAVALAS SHOES” and protected by the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and international conventions.

Any copying, analog / digital recording and mechanical reproduction, distribution, transmission, downloading, processing, resale, creation of derivative works, or misleading the public about the real provider of the content of the website. Any reproduction, republication, downloading, distribution, or transmission or any other use of the Content in any manner or means, for commercial or other purposes is permitted only with prior written permission of “TSAVALAS SHOES” or any other legitimate holder of the above copyright.

5. User obligations
Users of the website www.tsavalas.com accept that they will not use the website and e-store “TSAVALAS SHOES” to send, publish, send by e-mail or otherwise transmit any Content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing , libelous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, violate the privacy of another, promotes hatred, or expresses racial, ethnic or other discrimination, it may cause harm to minors in any way, is not allowed to be transmitted in accordance with the law of contractual relations or management (such as inside information, proprietary and confidential information learned or disclosed as part of employment relationships or covered by confidentiality agreements) infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of others, contains software viruses or any other computer codes, files or programs designed to interrupt, damage, destroy or prevent the operation of any computer software or hardware, whether intentionally or unintentionally violates the Greek and EU legislation and the provisions thereof, may impede upon other people in any manner or any content used to collect or store personal data of users.

6. Security
Trade Confidentiality
Confidentiality is obvious. The same basic principles apply to traditional trade in the case of e-commerce (electronic commerce). All information transmitted by the user / member of “TSAVALAS SHOES” is confidential and “TSAVALAS SHOES” has taken all necessary steps to use it only to the extent necessary in the context of its services. Some of the measures taken are the following:

Only authorized employees have access to information of your transaction and only when necessary, i.e. for the processing of your orders.

“TSAVALAS SHOES” does not disclose customer information and transactions, unless written authorization from you or by court decision or other public authority.

If “TSAVALAS SHOES” uses third parties to support its systems, it guarantees confidentiality.

You can request any information held about you and its correction if you notice any errors.

For your own safety, you should also treat all the information provided through the service as private and confidential and not to make any disclosure to third parties.

7. Privacy Policy
When you visit pages on www.tsavalas.com you may be asked to provide personal information about you (name, last name, occupation, email address, shipping address, etc.) in general to process your orders. Any personal data anywhere on the pages and services of the website www.tsavalas.com, are kept solely for reasons related to your transactions with our communication, to improve services and ensure the operation of the service and not be used by anyone (except as provided by law to relevant authorities).

In all cases, only specific employees of “TSAVALAS SHOES” have access to your personal information and the access of persons without authorization to your personal data is prohibited. All reasonable steps to ensure the safety of your data is taken. Your personal information, in extremely rare and in special cases, may be reported to collaborating businesses of “TSAVALAS SHOES”, to support, promote and execute the business relationship with us, but always under conditions that fully guarantee that your personal data is not subject to any unlawful processing.

At any time the user has the right to update or to object to the further processing of data in accordance with legislation for the protection of personal data.

8. Order Cancellation
Cancellation may be made in the following cases: Before you make your order, during the electronic order process you can press “back” and remove the quantities of products from your basket by clicking the “remove” button. If you have completed the online order but the product has not yet been shipped, you can call the telephone numbers of our business and one of our employees will handle the cancellation of your order. After receiving the product, call us at the telephone numbers of our company or contact us via the e-mail form on the website, explaining why you wish to cancel your order. One of our associates will assist you immediately and will advise you on all your options. If your order has been invoiced and you want to cancel, contact the telephone numbers of our business and give the details of your order.

9. Difference between shop prices and e-shop prices

The price of products on the online store may differ from the price of products through other company channels of distribution and is valid only for purchases made through this online store and sent to you. In any case, although we make every effort to accurately label the products with the prices and details that we quote in our shop we cannot exclude the possibility of any typographical or technical errors in doing so.

10. Payment Methods

Payment by PAYPAL:
“TSAVALAS SHOES” accepts all major credit cards Visa, Mastercard, American Express as well as other payment options through PAYPAL .

Cash on Delivery: Payment on receipt of order to your premises.
Pay the employee of the transportation company to deliver your order to your address. This option is only available for orders within Greece.

Bank Transfer:
Prepay your order by depositing the amount owed to the company’s bank account below and send us the copy of the bank payment by fax at 30-27320-22337 or e-mail at info@tsavalas.com. Upon receiving confirmation of the bank transfer payment, you will receive your order.

               ALPHABANK Account Number

               ΙΒΑΝ ALPHA BANK
               GR76 0140 6130 6130 0210 1023 977

11. Order delay
Your order may be delayed for the following reasons:

The raw materials have been delayed to be sent from our supplier: To be able to offer very competitive prices, we order our raw materials from a vast range of suppliers either domestic or international. But there are cases where an order can “hang” at the customs or in the carriage, with the result that we do not have it in our warehouses when doing inventory. In such a case, we will contact you to ask if you want us to deliver your order without this product or to suggest an alternative. We will ship immediately to you the missing product upon receipt in our warehouse.

The product you ordered has been discontinued and is not available: Among the products exhibited in our online store there are rare cases where the raw materials supplier suddenly and unexpectedly announces its termination. In such a case our staff will contact you to provide you with alternatives.

In periods of extreme weather or strikes, and in any event of force majeure, which could affect the transport and delivery of your order.

If it is impossible to telephone and / or email you (if a problem occurs on your order, or in regards to the product or payment) for example due to incorrect contact information you have entered which may not have been properly updated.

12. Informative e-mail (newsletters)

1. “TSAVALAS SHOES” periodically sends informational email.

2. “TSAVALAS SHOES” is not responsible if the newsletter is not delivered to its
     destination, even if makes every possible effort for ISP’s (Internet Service
     providers) to deliver.

3. The newsletter may end up in the spam folder, so please check regularly that it is    
   not stored there.

4. If you wish not to receive any more newsletters or wish to unsubscribe from the
   whole system of “TSAVALAS SHOES” let us know using the contact form of the

5. “TSAVALAS SHOES” does not give any third parties information such as names,
     surnames, home addresses etc.